Sunday, February 20, 2011

Etsy is Awesome!

Hey guys!
  Help or advice anyone has on my website ( or anything please email me ( or just leave a comment.  Here are the colors of the next scarf im working on

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Treasury!

herGhostSTORE Treasury
Thank you so much!

Etsy Treasury

  I see i have new followers!  So exciting! I have decided that each time i am in a treasury i am going to post it in my blog :)
  Here is the latest Treasury 2/19/2011
Thank you SKaan!!
  I am going to be working on some black beanies tonight.  Talk to you soon!

New Treasury

Hey everyone!  I have just been featured in another treasury by TheOtherLoft, everything in the treasury is blue and soft pink, everything is amazing and so pretty, take a look!

I am hoping to finish the handknit blue and black uneven stripes scarf today, it is looking so good!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Black and Blue Handknit Scarf

Helllo followers!
  I just finished a Black and Blue scarf, only took me 2 days to finish!  so exciting!

black and blue handknit scarf

black and blue handknit scarf

black and blue handknit scarf

black and blue handknit scarf

black and blue handknit scarf

 If anyone is intersted in my work and would like a custom item, but don't have an etsy account, please email me at and i will be happy to talk with you about your custom item:)
  I finally finished the red and white scarf, it looks awesome! 

Red and White Handknit Scarf
I am working on the beanie that matches it!  :)
I am currently offering free shipping on a few of my scarves that are ready to ship, here are their pictures with links :)

Green and Orange handknit scarf
orange and green handknit scarf free shipping
Soft Pink Handknit Scarf
Soft Pink Handknit Scarf Free Shipping
Raspberry Handknit Scarf
Raspberry Handknit Scarf Free Shipping
Purple and White Handknit Scarf
Purple and White Handknit Scarf FREE SHIPPING
Red and Black handknit scarf
Black and Red Scarf Free Shipping

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Photos

Hey everyone!  My boyfriend just helped me take some photos of my scarves :) please let me know what you think!  I am trying to improve my photography
purple and white scarf
green and orange handknit scarf
red and black handknit scarf
wheres waldo handknit red and white scarf
wheres waldo?
purple and white handknit scarf
And here is the newest scarf i am working on, its a blue and black scarf with uneven stripes.

New Scarves

  I have been really busy lately with new orders on my etsy website! (  Here is my last scarf i knit that is 10 inches wide and 94 inches long.  I have never made a scarf with dimensions like that so it was very exciting for me and it turned out really well!

and a matching purple and black beanie!  So cute!

And now i am working on a red and white scarf, it looks so good so far!

My website again is on etsy and my username is customknittreasures and you can email me at

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Treasury and Black Beanie

I have been featured in another Treasury!  Thank You to TwilightNfairyGarden on Etsy for featuring me
Etsy Entrepreneurs Treasury

I just finished a Black Handknit Beanie

Black Handknit Beanie
Right now in my shop there is free shipping on select items that are ready to ship.