Saturday, April 3, 2010

My New Website and A little About Myself

Hello all and welcome to Custom Knit Treausres,

My name is Rachel Steck and my Hobby is Knitting. I have a Full time job at Walt Disney World that pays the bills, but my real passion is knitting scarves, beanies, mittens, purses etc! I have been knitting for many many years but only recently started selling on, which is like Ebay but for handmade items only, which i LOVE! I have two websites on etsy, one where i sell my handknit items, and one where i sell my handmade jewelry, This is a pictures of my most recent Handknit Beanie that i knit. Very beautiful White beanie with two green stripes toward the brim.

I am constantly knitting up new items! If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter to get Bi-weekly updates/notifications of sales and discounts/to know what im working on next, please follow this link and enter your email adress,

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