Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Support Handmade In America!

With everything that is going on in America and the world these days people are really stressing the fact that it is so important to purchase items made in the USA, to help support our jobs here at home.  There is no better way of doing that than to purchase items on is like ebay, but only for handmade items.  And to support your local artists in your area  search for your city on this etsy map!
There are so many Talented Artists on this website!  And some of them have no other source of income becuase of layoffs and job losses, and even at that, sales are declining for most sellers on etsy.  Show this website to your friends!  Buy items as gifts!  Or just treat yourself!  Everyone on etsy is so nice and most are willing to customize items just for you!  Just ask, all my experiences with fellow shop owners on etsy has been nothing short of amazing!  Customer Service is always number one!  Thank you so much for reading my blog post! 
Rachel Steck
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  1. A great testimonial about handmade. I'm a big advocate for buying handmade on Etsy and locally.